René de Sans (he/him/she/her) is a queer Berlin based visual artist who works mainly with photography and film. Their primary artistic interests include the exploration of human bodies as visual, visceral and psychological landscapes that express, incarnate and question ideas of identity, gender, sexuality and taboo. René de Sans’ art plays with, explores and deconstructs normative ideas in search of alternative, authentic and diversified modes of expression. Their style incorporates a wide array ranging from minimalistic and emotionally charged portraits to highly stylized symbolic poses and metaphorical scenes that sometimes evolve into visually abundant surrealist dreamscapes. René is Co-Founder and Co-Curator of Karada House Berlin, a queer collaborative art space that explores the boundaries of body, art and the multitude of interactions between them. Karada House is a body-positive open space based on collaboration, enthusiastic consent and respectful communication. René is also Co-Founder of OhYesPlease, a website for diverse, undogmatic and playful online education on a variety of kink and sexuality topics.

Group Exhibitions

Exhibition in the Course of the PFF Berlin, Moviemento, Berlin (2016) Photo Exhibition: Erotic Art / Photobastei, Zürich (2015) Beton Bruch Festival Berlin / Art Exhibition in the course of the Festival, Berlin (2010) Beton Bruch Festival Berlin / Art Exhibition in the course of the Festival, Berlin (2008)

Solo Exhibitions

Collected Works, Karada House, Berlin (2019)  Collected Works, Boutique Bizarre, Hamburg (2017)

Film Screenings

Screening of "Jasko Trying Hard" at Porny Days Kunst Film Festival, Zürich, Switzerland (2017) Screening of "Locked" at La Fête du Slip, Lausanne, Switzerland (2017) Screening of "Locked" at Pornydays Kunst Film Festival, Zürich, Switzerland (2016) Screening of "Locked" at CineKink Tour, Chicago, Miami, Oakland, Portland, USA (2016) Screening of "Locked" at Nachtschatten Filmfestival, Munich, Germany (2016) Screening of "Locked" at CineKink - The Kinky Film Festival, New York, USA (2016) Screening of "Locked" at Cinerotic Film Festival at the Dirty Show, Detroit, USA (2016) Screening of "Locked" at BRIEFS: East Bay Express’ Erotic Short Film Competition, Oakland, USA (2016) Screening of "Locked" at Erotic&Bizarre Art Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain (2016) Screening of "Locked" at Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival, Hong Kong (2016)

Photo by Mamana


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